Zetane Introduction

The Zetane Insight Engine is an interactive workspace for debugging, understanding, and explaining data and neural networks. You can think of this engine as a tool to do neuroimaging or brain scans but for artificial neural networks and machine learning algorithms. You can launch your own Zetane workspace directly from your existing scripts or notebooks via a few commands. We’re currently shipping through a pip package.

To get the most out of Zetane, we recommend understanding the basics in the Getting Started guide; then giving it a try yourself by visualizing your first Hello World model in Zetane. In a few simple steps, you’ll be creating insightful visuals of your model with unparalleled levels of detail. Zetane comes with out-of-the-box support for PyTorch, Keras / Tensorflow, and ONNX models.

We encourage you to tour around and explore what the Zetane Engine can offer from the left-hand menu. Discover our powerful Instant Dashboards, and the wide array of rendering and explainability features, all conveniently accessible from the Zetane Python API.

And be sure to check out our Sample Gallery, which features a curated set of downloadable sample projects to help you get started quickly and explore even more features.

We always love to hear feedback at info@zetane.com.

Note that technical issues can be reported here.